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In 2020 SoliTek has installed 100 kW solar power plant in Utena - the first ot its kind in Lithuania.

Bifacial glass-glass solar modules that absorb the sunlight not only through the front, but also through the rear of the module have been installed. Modules are installed on solar trackers, that move according to the movement of the sun, thus increasing the front side generation, as well as the effectiveness of the backlight due to reflective materials. This way we get more electricity from the same area.

SoliTek, founded in 2009, is a part of the BOD GROUP and today is the leading provider of solar energy solutions in Northern Europe. They are the only ones in Europe to control the entire production process - from solar cell research and technology development, module production to the design and installation of solar power plants. They work with Europe's largest solar technology research centers. Most of their products are being exported, but in Lithuania, apart from selling solar modules, they also install and maintain solar power plants.

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