Solar Graphics
Sony World Photo Awards 2022, Finalist in the Professional Landscape!!!

Solar Graphics

Sony World Photography Awards, Finalist in the Professional Landscape, 2022

Expo2020 exhibition space, Dubai 2021 11 21 - 2021 12 15

Andrius Repšys‘ photo series „Solar graphics“ could be called a coincidence. Or at least some sort of a coincidence could be found in the circumstances of its creation – in 2021 Lithuania once again experienced a cold winter with lots of snow which was the exact thing that inspired these series. Because of climate crisis and global warming, this much snow seemed like a quite unique phenomenon compared to the recent years. Sustainable energy sources such as dams, wind turbins and solar batteries that appear in these photographs are some of the things we need in order to slow down global disasters from happening. At our times such ecology related topics become more relevant than ever and artists (in this particular case – photographers) act as active participants of the discussion. The beautiful thing is – two of the three main elements of „Solar graphics“ – seasonality and sustainable energy – organically and purposefully complement each other. The dots connect; the circle closes.

What couldn‘t be called a coincidence is the author‘s ability to notice, to observe. To grasp the image, to form a composition in a way that the photograph finally gains a third element – aesthetics. In search of series‘ aestetics there should be raised a question about its name. Why „Solar graphics“ if the sun is not even present? That‘s simply because as the sunshine hits the earth the snow covering it starts melting and winterly landscape becomes more than it initially is. It transforms – the photo image that captures that same landscape from the bird‘s-eye view is overlapped with this rich in contrast layer of graphics. Monochrome of winter is especially convenient in revealing specific graphic elements – as the land is disrupted by dark lines, the primary image is gifted with new ways of looking and new interpretation possibilities. Here, as the author suggests, we are able to see a mouthfull of dazzling teeh, some strings or even a robot with a surprised look on its face. However, it‘s easy to create these alternative scenarios ourselves – have you, by any chance, seen a guitar griffin in these images? Or maybe a Christ the Redeemer watching over the city? Many seeing opportunities could be found here. The key is letting go of the main point of view and letting your eyes and imagination wonder.

The imagery of Andrius Repšys is subtle. It neither points fingers nor shoves very strict ideas to the viewer‘s head but rather draws attention, reminds. The author explores the landscape with such excitement and curiosity that can‘t be tied up to just one particular theme – he‘s as much interesed in the image and the objects themselves, as he is in the subtext and alternative themes behind them. Straight and wavy lines, colours black and white, dams and energy – everything is equally important and equally intersting. The artist gives us a chance choose ourselves – we are free to either analyze and to intensely look into or to put all the seriousness aside and simply enjoy the imagery, the raw winter so rare. To guess and to explore while everyday life is left somewhere else, - because everything looks different from the high above. 

Paulina Blažytė


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